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Futuristic day-dreaming? NO!

Without doubt, concrete core activation will be the future climate system in commercial and industrial construction. In the Netherlands and Switzerland the system is already being frequently and successfully applied. A well thought-out integrated climate design will always yield rewards. The high comfort linked to an average investment, an energetically good and possible durable concept and the architectural freedom offer, in addition to the high comfort level, too many favourable perspectives to continue labeling the system as still being in the future. Airdeck floors offer a lot of added value and are pre-eminently the solution!

Concrete core activation: the principle

The principle or the essence of concrete core activation is not new: by bringing the mass of a building up to a certain temperature, one takes care of the heating or cooling in comparison with the surrounding temperature. With the Airdeck system the complete concrete floor construction is cooled or heated through an integrated piping system, which, before the concrete is casted, is evenly woven between these. Water is pumped through these pipes. Heat and cold emission take place both upwards and downwards. In this way a space is continuously heated up or cooled down. It can be compared with floor heating. But with Airdeck with concrete core activation the heating and the cooling of the entire Airdeck floor also takes place during the night and the weekend, resulting in a nearly unchanged room temperature.

An example makes this clear.

When we visit a church in a warm country it always feels cool in there, while the air temperature is usually relatively high. This is due to the lower wind-chill factor which is an average of the radiation and air temperature. Such a large building never becomes really cold inside in the winter, because the enormous mass in building materials have a damping effect on the wind-chill factor. The church does not easily assume the surrounding temperature, but imposes its moderate temperature to its surroundings.


A: Situation with lowered ceiling, lighting and traditional cooling. Large fluctuation in temperature. The concrete mass barely operates as a heat buffer.

B: Situation with concrete core activation. Little fluctuation in temperature.



A: Situation with lowered ceiling.

B: Situation with concrete core activation. Little fluctuation in temperature.

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